Hello, I'm Bryan Ollendyke or btopro as I go by on all platforms. I'm a web developer on a mission to make the world a better place using my God given talents of stubborn-osity, sarcastic-osity, and the belief that I can help education be better tomorrow then it is today via technology. Since 2010, I've woken up everyday with a count-down clock as to when I have to correct educational systems by: 2028. That's the hypothetical year my 1st child would start college (assuming college exists by then). I am uniquely positioned based on chance and institutional receptiveness to be able to contribute 99.99999% of my efforts back to open source communities. Since 2008 I have contributed hundreds of front-end web components, PHP Drupal modules / distributions and themes. I am stuck in my job by any traditional measure but it is this unique oppurtunity, to release everything that I produce, which keeps me motivated and to have passed up "career" oriented goals in favor of the larger vision of free education. While code isn't everything, it is a lot of things, and so I hope to contribute in any ways I can. I do do consultation work with rates reflective of my time and societies benefit. If the project is open source, it's lower personal cost because it's higher societal impact (for example). If it's closed / internal then (my own) market forces help rebalance that in my favor. I am an open, accepting, loving human being that enjoys being around people that can take a joke and deliver one too and I'd love for us to change the world together.
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Crazy, abrasive, caring, dreaming the world into existance we need, not the one we have.

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