With action and the intentional application of technology, we can create a freer society with greater access to education. We can solve educational equity through great efficiency and application of existing resources rather then keeping this wheel further spinning. These aren't all the open initaitves out there, far from it. But they are the ones I'm proud to say I am associated with and help promote. These aren't just technologies to me, they are a way of transforming education. Fix education, fix everything. [![Help us break this cycle (click to expand)](21%20Century%20Indentured%20servitude.jpg)](21%20Century%20Indentured%20servitude.jpg) [Draw.io XML file](21%20Century%20Indentured%20servitude.xml)
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Crazy, abrasive, caring, dreaming the world into existance we need, not the one we have.

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