bitter sweet. 15 minutes spent creating things out of previous lego sets with my son made the entire day. I couldn't sleep tonight, so instead of a beer I had a ginger ale and thought about what I loved from the day. those 15 minutes stood out by a long shot.

I'll probably never remember today, or maybe I will in writing this into a blog after it's posted here. But it's the day I hopefully saved myself just a little bit through compartmentalization. I tore down my home whiteboard and giant elms sticker.

These tools of boundless creativity don't belong in my basement, surrounded by lego stickers, playsets, imagination.. creativity. These are the tools my boys use. I need to get back to them and foster their creativity because none of the rest of it really matters in the end.

All is right in the basement now. Legos out, reminders of work hidden (or thrown) away. Just a mess of creativity that can unlock unknown adventures at the flip of a neuron in their imaginative little heads. What wonders they'll teach me; they always do.