Efficiency is not just the right thing to do or the act of making things better then before. Like anything, it can be a tactic if used correctly to modify structures from within. Anything done with intention is activism and so, If you don't like someone, automate them.


Automate them. Do your job in 90% of the time it takes to do, use the other 10% to study and analyze their process. What is it they do? How do they make money? Now, start to carve around that person via process modification. You can intentionally disrupt their job, all the while claiming it in the name of efficiency.

That's evil

Yeah, kind of; but not in any way different then what happens when corporations (now called Start-Ups because it's less evil sounding) intentionally enter a space in a different way to "Disrupt" a marketplace. Efficiency is generally viewed as a social good and a net positive but it destroys ways of doing business and the humans attached to those hierarchies. Can you imagine what it must be like to have been a telephone operator and see them wheel in a machine that automatically did routing, putting 1000s out of work?

So, for those of you out there with root access to things; what will you do with these powers? What can you make the machine do that you cannot yet producing the same net effect? What percentage of your job can you automate in order to do other things to produce Magic?


Yeah, Magic. That which we can't comprehend is indiscernible from Magic -- Clarke's three laws . I got asked this weekend when I realized I could automate and no one would notice what i was doing. I looked up and way... thought... and said... 6 years ago. I've been able to automate for about 6 years, and I have. It's why what we're doing doesn't seem believable, because I've been working on the scaffolding of what it is we're standing on today, 3 years ago. I intentionally, painfully so at times, focused on under the hood automation rather then front-facing usability. Because you can always make people like the way something looks, you can never change what it's built on top of (or at least not easily).

And so, when I say we can pick up and give you every innovation our group has made and let you produce new ones; and do so with exponentially increasing accuracy, capability, ease of use and ease of setup. I'm not lying, we're just making Magic, through efficiency, done so to empower others to produce innovations of their own. Ultimately seeking to boil self-empowerment down to choice. Do you copy and paste the line and liberate yourself and others? Do you help others to disrobe these cloaks, so invisibly placed upon creativity or do we continue onward without direct control of educational experiences?

What is my activist intention you may ask?

Empowerment. More importantly, what's yours? Who will you automate today?