Weekly Code Review

This 1 starts to get pretty interesting. The team talks about HAXcms, ideates about the new capabilities of the theme layer. This gets into code and great discussion of intentions surrounding it / needs

We start getting into what we can add to the theme layer and the JSON object structure we're using could be extended to effectively bring content types and field APIs to HAXcms while keeping life relative to a small JSON format. It's a bit ridiculous how fast this system is.

I talk through the developer theme, slide player, and kick around ideas for what can come next and then @hey__MP and @CGLDevel show their progress on on a custom theme they're developing for HAXcms which will start to reshape minds about what this is and is possible.

@NikkiMK closes us out by showing how her new rich-text-editor tag is coming along as well as explaining to Chuck (and anyone watching) why we're working on two text editors simultaneously.

I. Love. This. Team.

The video closes the way I really feel. I. Love. This. Team.

Keep pushing gang, we're building something amazing that will change the world.