This instructional designer didn't need to know HTML in order to convey an instructional concept. Your right! No one should need to understand HTML in order to contribute meaningful knowledge to the world. Now with HAX possibilities are endless.

Pedagogical innovation of the day brought to you by HAXTheWeb & possibilities that new technologies bring to instructional design. This is an accessible color spectrum listing for teaching photography students about color wave length. This would have previously been a textbook image that looked dated and couldn't be updated without specialized knowledge (image editors, etc).

Instead, the ID support specialist in the office saw an opportunity to use an element in HAX in a unique way. He added 7 accent-card's to the interface, wrote on each the wave length and details to convey concepts of color in a photo course being built using HAX. The card made sure that there wasn't an accessibility issue as far as text color contrast, he didn't have "wave length layout" as an option, he saw building blocks, clicked a few things and built something creative.

I couldn't have scaled myself enough to teach him how to build this without HAX. I couldn't have written this "1 small thing" accessibility without completely derailing my efforts. This is just 1 small example of the world to come as HAX spreads into other courses, platforms, and SaaS offerings.

If you have faculty that are interested in trying something new feel free to reach out! We're building an open community of faculty, instructional designers & technologists passionate about accessibility, Open Educational Resources (OER), and improving pedagogical possibilities online through HAX the the HAXcms platform.

We require that you enjoy having fun, seeing progress made on ideas, and contributing your knowledge and efforts where ever possible to make HAX the best way to do online courses possible!

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