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last interview I did started to go from mildly technical / heavy on philosophy into mission / vision statement about burning down the old web and replacing it with one that achieves a greater equality..... Let's see if I have enough coffee that I deflect the UX talk into this ;)

1st talk when I started to care about something in this world (that mattered). I put up a picture of my son and said that I had something to live for and that everything I was about to do was for him. I was told it was a bit heavy for a tech talk. I have no f's I give.

The future is too important for it to be left to silicon valley board rooms. The only way to prevent a dystopian future (Which we're rapidly progressing towards) is for people to talk heavy. To give shits about that which seems too much to handle..

You have corporations that view China's enslavement of dissidents as just a "feature" of their "market" and so to extract capital from the land we must adhere to their rules. Oh how "Do no Evil" has taken a back seat to the gentrification of California and wealth disparity.

Does your code liberate or enslave? We would harass engineers going to work at Lockheed with "well, if your ok with making bombs to kill then I guess you should do that math over there" we have a similar world emerging with developers of all software, yet SV is tone deaf..

You w/ your lofty "progressive" ideals that extract maximum dollars from your neighborhoods so that you can have a nicer coffee shop or micro brewery where there were "slums". What do you think caused the slum? was it just a failure of the gov or did those b4 you pillage?

You. With your open code and your corrupted ideals. We'll take your Apache and try and bring society to 2.0 when you corrupted it in 1.0.

Doubt us. Please. Continue. The anti-big tech movement is gaining developers. the Dweb crowd is growing stronger w/ better tools and vision.

Information seeks to be free -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Swartz #OER starts at content but has shit for platforms and those with platforms have direct reason to lock down your platform even if your content opens up. We won't just stop there when we've fixed that problem.

When the web is the platform, we can once again decentralize away from that which are symbols of the dystopian future. Unlike other "truth tellers" in the "edtech" space, we craft solutions out of the darkness, not just identity to get a keynote but solve. We solve.

We aren't here to "play the game", we're here to restore the system to replace games with higher ground for more level playing fields.

Getting this all out of the way so that the interview doesn't devolve into this ;)