The waves of life will crash upon you, and they'll crash hard my son. You'll be expected to carry loads that you feel aren't yours. You'll be asked to stand when it's so much easier to sit. You'll be expected to behave, when rebellion is necessary.

When they tell you to sit, these forces of complacency, know that with each passing wave, you drift further from the goal back to shore. When we sit by the waters edge, deciding whether to wade into uncharted territory, we're hit with relentlessly strong currents.

The water seeks to pull us down to the depth below. To consume those that enter the unknown. If we step into the waters a few inches, get concerns and then merely sit still, we have to face the force of the crashing wave.

These waves are far stronger than we realize, each crash lifting you off your seat and shifting you back ever slightly, sometimes so little that we hardly notice. But rest assured, you are being pushed backward. If you sit long enough, the waves will push you back till your nearly on dry land; the journey over.

If you stand though, you'll be hit by those heavy waves. And you must be, for if not broken against the waves we harden and are made stronger. For we are anti-fragile my child. We were born to be strengthen with each passing wave.

If we step forward in between these waves, never ceasing, never resting but to achieve eternity, then we will be where we want to in this world. Out beyond the currents, beyond the waters of today. Stand my child and cut through the waves.

Be different.

Be abnormal. Be Bold. Live Free. Burn Bright. Never back down. Never surrender. Never let anyone tell you who you are not, show them who you are.

For if we all stand and cut through the waves, they become increasingly less difficult. The deeper the water gets, the less impactful the crashing of the waves.

And we may yet be able to swim to the brighter shores across the chasm we've been told exists but was never the reality.