Chapter 1: The Shower

A Developer takes a shower. A Developer closes his eyes, breathes deeply, and presses the water over his scalp and eyes and face. When hands press against the eye socket in the pressense of light, synapese fire off randomly. These random firings of "light" dance in the retina of the Developer seeking the answer to a problem. The retinas of the developer see the sparks trickel away as color fades back in. The developer pauses.. then does it again, this time focusing on those whips of ocular static fizzle away. The whips form a pattern that looks like a central star that everything is firing out and away, creating their own central stars to fire out and away from. The occular misfires form a fractual image in the minds eye.

Chapter 2: The fractal

The developer talks through how a fractal could be used in the design of a system. The developer writes down the fractal. The developer sees a video the next day expressing, visually, the concept of divergent ideas spawning ohter divergent ideas, expressed as a series of hexagons firing off at a tangent and forming new hexagons. The developer recreates the pattern on a whiteboard and begins to theorize how this pattern could be used to represent systems.

Chapter 3: The monster within

The developer explains this to one other person over two hours. The manager is excited but leaves with: "Who else would ever understand how any of this works though." The developer smiles, "I guess I'll just have to build it to find out". The developer works on prototypes, burning through hundreds of hours beyond what normal projects there are to pursue. The idea is like a dagger in his mind. He starts shutting down from the rest of the world and focusing solely on this one idea. This one fractal.

Chapter 4: The friend

He explains an early prototype to a friend. The friend is intrigued but doesn't get it or see how it's the fractal. The developer keeps pushing on, convinced there is a fractal there. The developer makes prototype after prototype, pouring through hours of tutorials and producing posts and videos looking for someone to understand what he's claiming to have discovered. No one gets it. Again, and again, over the next 2 years, the developer repeats this cycle, trying desperately to get someone to understand the picture in his mind now layed out as code and directory trees. Symlinks and .gitignores. But no one. Gets it.

Chapter 5: The group

Until... Someone does. Two people actually. And then from two, three, and three, four; and four, five; and five, a dozen, and dozens. Until the fractal no longer is some obscure concept it's the way of visualizing and attacking the problem. The Developer is no longer a developer, and no longer is a young developer either...

Chapter 6: The team

The Developer is part of a team. A Team hell bent on innovation. A Team that doesn't accept the world and the educational system the way it is but dreams of what it can be, what it will be. A Team that believes education is not a pidgenholed public service job but the place that fosters and grows innovations of it's own. A Team believes that noone is better then the sun of it's parts.

Chapter 7: The way forward

A Team of Developers, instructors, instructional designers, designers, students, management; of mixed talents and backgrounds and abilities, form a new fractal pattern within a traditionally stasis laden system.

Chapter 8: The upside down

The Developer is no longer alone in the wilderness. The Developer is now part of the Team poised to change education, and the world. Join us .

Stranger Things...