Hi. I'm Bryan Ollendyke, and I have a vision of the future and, I think, a way to get there. I'm not fancy. I don't have big money. I don't have important people on high; I have something far more important than any big tech start up of today: Belief .

I believe in the people around me. My coworkers, my friends, my colleagues that have seen what I've been talking about for years and didn't write me off. While many have helped put < hax-camp > on both financially and through time donation, I knew 2019 was the year to plant the flag in the ground and I'm honored to have so many say "Let's do this!".

I believe we can make a better world by improving education. And yes, I oddly believe a big piece of that can come through the smallest of things: a "cute" little text editor.

I'm not logical if you're viewing the world through the lens of today. But I'm not "playing" for the markets and systems of today, I'm playing for the markets and systems that will be to come. I'm not here to participate in the marketplace that exist, I'm here to bring us to another level; where we need to be pushing towards.

I think that the web component standard poses an existential threat to the monopoly on talent, power and capabilities previously only held by an elite few. I think this will become more and more understood as people dig into the elements our team has created thus far and the ones we have planned to create which invoke containers on demand to blur the lines of what "static" systems can do.

Take Drupal, a place I've called home for over a decade. Regularly you can pull $100 to $350 and hour for work because of the knowledge economy that's emerged there. That isn't equality. That isn't stability. Its rampant profiteering and a direct incentive to keep knowledge complex, locked away, and difficult to use.

Take traditional front end languages like React, places I'm critical of. They require tooling, advanced JavaScript knowledge, conventions that are non-standard and non-uniform across frameworks. These jobs pay in the $140k - $200k a year range and contract work isn't as lucrative as Drupal but still up there.

I can't teach the people around me React or how to leverage parts of React components in their Drupal backed CMS. I can't teach them how to write template code and grant them permission to edit these critical theme files just to render something on the page.

But I can teach them that if they copy and paste a < video - player > tag like below, it'll render the same way every time.

I can't teach them how to accessibly create a multiple-choice question in context of material in order to give more effective feedback and pacing to students. But I can have them put down a multiple-choice tag and expand the possibilities of education and learning beyond where they traditionally thought possible.

I believe that the abstraction of advanced HTML, JavaScript and CSS in an intentional, compartmentalized way, has the ability to affect markets, empower people previously forgotten by technocratic overlords, so drunk on their own abilities that they don't realize how elite they've become; further dividing society into haves and have nots all while thinking they are solving the problem with the latest junket app.

I believe that together, we can begin to build enough reusable, platform and framework agnostic pieces, that we can build any application out visually with reduced complexity.

I believe that together, we can give people authoring experiences that are second to none, sustainable, and portable across environments and contexts.

I believe that together, we can all openly share and learn from one another and benefit from each other's experiences, successes and failures, regardless of who we are or where we come from.

I believe that together, platforms and framework wars aside, we can build a better tomorrow by putting down our shields and locking arms.

I believe in HAX and the potential of < hax-camp >  so much that I've spent my own money to purchase over 40, customized hockey jerseys without logos or brands, to symbolize our variety, uniqueness and individuality of developers and platforms yet unified under one common platform.

I believe in HAX camp 2019 as the beginning of something new and the forging of a new path. Will you join us and start a new beginning together?